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My Life in Black and White

Last week on Facebook, my long-time friend challenged me to post photos of my life for seven days. The rules were simple; the photos could not contain people, there could be no explanations, and they had to be in black and white. I had been viewing her pictures daily and secretly hoping she would name me in the challenge, and on her last day, she did. 
So here they are, and true to the challenge, I will refrain from captions or explanations and just let the photos speak for themselves.

Recent posts

I Spy...Fall!

It is nearly mid-October, and I have just one question: why am I still running my air conditioning?? I despise the heat and humidity. Neither agrees with me and the heat in particular aggravates my migraines. Needless to say, I have been very discouraged (not to mention annoyed) by the unseasonably warm weather in my neck of the woods. October has, thus far, felt more like August and I am too pale to wear shorts, so I suffer in long pants (yes, that is shallow, but trust me when I say you don't want to see my neon-white legs). Each morning, I longingly stare at my stash of sweaters and wonder when I will be able to snuggle into them.  As Lila and I have been out on our walks over the past two weeks, I have eagerly searched out signs that fall weather will be here any moment. This reminded me of a game I used to play with my children when they were younger and I was trying to pass time and/or distract them and so I have been playing daily rounds of "I Spy" as a means of …

The Legend of the Trash Compactor Cake

Many years ago, on a young boy’s birthday, his mother (who was usually adept at multi-tasking) was so busy with party preparations that she was struggling to find time to make a cake for his party. Thankfully, the young boy’s father stepped up and said he would help. The mother agreed, albeit reluctantly. Eager to show the mother his baking prowess, the father skillfully mixed the boxed cake batter. As the cake baked, the smell of chocolate-flavored promise filled the air. For reasons that are still unclear today, the father did not wait long enough for the cake to cool before he applied the creamy chocolate frosting. As he dragged the frosting-laden spatula across the cake, the top layer of the cake began to peel and intermingle with the frosting creating an aesthetically unappealing confection. To the mother’s dismay, she watched, mouth agape, as the father raged against the cake. Like a scene from a horror film, bits of cake flew as the father hacked and pounded out his frustration…

Non-Traditional Tea Staining

I have been searching high and low for inexpensive pink and lavender dish towels and came to the conclusion that such a thing does not exist. So I decided to remedy this by purchasing plain white flour-sack towels and dying them myself. I did not want to use harsh dyes and looked to a more natural method - tea staining.  When you think about tea staining, shades of brown and tan most likely come to mind. That is your traditional tea staining approach that uses some form of black tea, like Orange Pekoe. I decided to take a non-traditional approach and use an herbal blend to capture pink hues. It was (mostly) a success. What You Will Need: 100% cotton flour-sack towels (I bought a 12 pack) you may wash them ahead of time, but do not use fabric softener on them as it interferes with the staining process1 box of Tazo Passion Teadistilled white vinegarlatex gloves (optional, but recommended)Process:
Step 1: Tea Preparation Fill up a stainless steel stock pot to about its halfway point. The l…