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Are Women Minorities?

At lunch today, my husband announced that two of his colleagues - one male, one female - were debating the question, Are women minorities? The man said yes, women are minorities while the woman said no, they are not.  "Of course women are minorities," my husband said with a "duh" tone in his voice. "No, no they are not," I replied. And thus the debate turned personal.
The problem was, I couldn't fully explain why I felt that way - so I asked for time to collect my thoughts. Having thought about and researched this for the better part of the day, I can say with confidence that no, women are not minorities. My reasons are not based on  pure emotion, but are sound and based on plain reason and logic.
My need to (yet again) prove my husband wrong led me to consult,  in order to clearly define the term "minority." The dictionary provided five unbiased and commonly agreed upon definitions of the noun minority: