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That Je Ne Sais Quoi - a Lesson in Beauty from the French

When I think of French women, I think of beauty. The French have long been associated with beauty, style, and grace. There is something about French women that has become classic - both effortless and timeless - in relation to beauty. But what makes them beautiful? Good question! They have that sort of "thing" that has inspired the phrase je ne sais quoi (translated to "I don't know what") to describe it. But alas, that "thing" remains a mystery. I am always intrigued by articles that claim to divulge the beauty secrets of the French and thus cannot deny that I am guilty of being obsessed with having skin like (and the style of!) a French woman.  I am embarrassed when I think of the amount of money I have spent on trying to look French (my husband would find it not only embarrassing but infuriating as we probably could have used that money in a far more practical way!) But being beautiful has a cost, right? Of course - no pain, no gain! Sadly, that cos…