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Broken Beauty

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, my husband approached me sheepishly. "I'm sorry...I went to turn off the lamp and must have been at a weird angle because I broke it." Since this makes the second time in a year that our living room lamp has been knocked over and broken, I'm guessing that my husband's distress has more to do with the fact that I will soon be off lamp shopping at TJ Maxx (read: spending money) than anything else. But before our dearly departed lamp hit the trash bin, it served one final purpose. 
Sitting on the kitchen island, the morning light reflected off of the shattered lamp's beautiful aqua-blue glass, catching my eye. I grabbed my cameras and the next thing my husband knew, I was getting all cubist and surrealist-y on him (call me Wo-Man Ray). In true temperamental artist fashion, I even snapped at him to move because he was blocking the natural light. I spent the morning playing with light, texture, color, shapes, and angles…