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Reflections on Paris

It has been just over a week since I was last in Paris, but it feels like a lifetime ago. For the first time, I opted to lead our students (instead of using a courier through the educational travel company). I loved the fact that my husband and I could control what we did, but I also sacrificed my "alone time" with the city I love. Any free time I had was spent scouting out the next destination to make sure I didn't get lost. Not that getting lost in Paris is a bad's how I've made some really amazing discoveries. However, wandering aimlessly through the rues de Paris with 30 people in tow would have lost its charm very quickly!
But please don't get me wrong, and certainly do not feel sorry for me! It was still an amazing trip. Any time I get to share Paris with my students and friends is always rewarding. For me, my best day in Paris was my last day there. I had planned a special book club, and twelve students chose to join me. I planned a day-lon…